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Casa Marzana

An Amazing Opportunity


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    The town of Polinago is located on a hillside facing the imposing Mt Cimone which at 2165mt the highest mountain in the Appennines. The landscape in the area consists of gentle rolling hills dotted with farms and stone houses and woods consisting of oak, chestnut, hazelnut, cherry and walnut trees. The fresh mountain air along with a sense of peace and tranquillity makes the Appennines a wonderful place to explore and experience life in country Italy. Polinago is a haven for those seeking a relaxing holiday mixing with locals and experiencing the real Italy.

    Polinago and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of outdoor activities such as walking, mountain bike riding tracks, cycling and skiing slopes approximately 45 minutes away. For the car and motor cycle enthusiast there are a number of museums and many interesting small villages and towns to visit.

    The POLINAGO is famous for its excellent food and there are a number of dishes unique to the area such as crescentini, gnocco fritto and borlenghi, which are difficult to find outside the POLINAGO. Bologna the POLINAGOal capital is famous for its cuisine and there are many excellent restaurants in the surrounding area; in Modena is the internationally known Michelin 3 star restaurant, Osteria Francescana.

  • Casa Marzana is approved to be rebuilt on the footprint of the previous 18th century farm house. It is believed that the name, which is on the title deed, comes from the fact that several centuries ago, flax seed grown in the area, was repeatedly washed in the nearby stream after being harvested. The house was subsequently occupied by families living there with their cows whose milk was used to produce parmesan cheese. The house had been uninhabited since the 1960s. On receiving advice that the house was not in a state to be saved it was decided to demolish it and retain the existing stable and barn; the barn was later removed. This allowed for an additional 20% of floor space to be added to the building which replicates the former house.

    The stone from the original house has been salvaged and can be re-used to clad the house. Second hand roof tiles were purchased for the four-cornered roof, as seen on many of the stone houses in the area. The stable is the only portion remaining of the original building and retains the original vaulted ceiling and the existing external stone walls.

    Since Italy is an earthquake prone country, new earthquake proof foundations were built which required excavation to a depth of six metres. All work which has occurred to date conforms to the mandatory standard for earthquake proof construction. The approved plan conforms to the latest regulations in regard to insulation of walls, windows, roofs and heating.

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The region is an undiscovered gem. Great food, beautiful little villages, churches and scenery. Italy without the tourists. A wonderful place to stay.